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Dual Motion Rectangular Vibration Filter Wet Screening Machine


Dual motion rectangular vibration filter wet screening machine is specially designed by AAREAL for solid-liquid separation. It can meet the majority of sewage and wastewater treatment and tailings applications. It is used for papermaking, non-ferrous metals, metallurgy, building materials, chemical, refractory, cement, ceramic, grain, food, drilling mud purification system and other special solid-liquid separation equipments. It has the advantages of high vibration intensity, large screening area, adjustable screen box angle, compact structure and excellent performance.

  The revolutionary dual motion mode includes both elliptical and linear motion. This innovative design allows the operator to switch between two motion modes directly during the operation of the machine to meet the screening requirements of different materials, isolate solids and liquids, separate solid particles with different sizes, and remove other impurities.

Working Principle:

  The dual motion rectangular vibration filter wet screening machine is equipped with three vibration motors, which provide two motion modes: linear motion and elliptical motion. The rectangular wet screening machine is driven by a vibration motor installed on the frame beam. The vibration is transmitted to the sieve plate, and the material to be sieved is released to the sieve plate through the pipe inserted into the dual motion rectangular vibration filter wet screening machine. The vibration of the sieve plate makes the smaller particle size (qualified particle size) pass through the sieve plate and enter the sieve bottom, and enters the next process through the pipeline installed at the bottom of the sieve. The material with larger particle size (unqualified particle size) stays on the upper part of the sieve plate, enters the groove at the front of the vibrating screen, and enters the next process through the pipe installed at the bottom of the groove.

  The linear motion can generate 6G gravity acceleration, the elliptical motion can generate 5G gravity acceleration. People can choose the movement mode of the vibrating screen through the switch in the control box. The elliptical motion is more gentle, and the screen service life is longer. The solid conveying capacity of the linear motion is high.

Technical Parameters:





Vibration Trajectory




Motor Power







Vibration Intensity

7.0 G

7.0 G

6.5 G


5.5~6.0 mm

5.5~6.0 mm

5.5~6.0 mm

Capacity of Single Screen


615 GPM


528 GPM


352 GPM

Adjustment Angle of Screen Box




Motor Frequency and Voltage

380V/50HZ, 460V/60HZ

Screen Area

2.5 m²

2.3 m²

1.8 m²

Screen Size


(40~250 mesh)


(40~250 mesh)


(40~250 mesh)

Layers of Screen




Quantity of Single Layer Screen




Mobile Sprinkler System



1 set.

The water pressure is about 5 KG and flow at 290 L/H


1880 kg

1680 kg

1300 kg


Parameters of the material to be screened:

1. Material name: paper pulp

2. Material temperature: 60~70℃

3. Material viscosity: <120 CPS (mPas)

4. Material specific gravity: <1.1 kg/dm³

5. Concentration: 5-15%

  The rectangular vibrating screen adopts automatic spraying system. The spraying water pressure is about 5 KG and the flow rate is 290 L/H. The operator can set the timed spray interval, which can effectively extend the downtime interval and reduce the waste of paint without affecting the paint concentration.


1. The noise of the equipment is low. Noise is less than 75 decibels from 1 meter away from the vibrating sieve.

2. The equipment is easy to operate and does not require daily maintenance.

3. The screen is fixed by the compact block. The material of the compact block is high polymer material.

4. It is simple and convenient to replace the screen plate by knocking out the compact block and re-pressing it after replacement.

5. The screen body is coated with more than two layers of epoxy resin protective paint.

Advantages of Compound Motion:

Linear Motion

Elliptical Motion

1. Large gravity acceleration (g), good vibration  effect.

2. Fast material passing speed.

3. The processing capacity of the vibrating  screen is large.

1. Gravity acceleration (g) is small.

2. The residence time of the material on the  sieve plate is long, and the screening effect is  good.

3. Material concentration increases.

4. Improve the service life of the sieve plate.

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