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  • AT200tap Test Sieve Shaker for Laboratory Inspection Analysis

    AAREAL AT200tap test sieve shaker is driven by synchronous pulley, which is very clean. It can be put diameter 300mm, 12 inches, 200mm, 8 inches, 100mm, 75mm etc. test sieves. We also can make the matched sound-proof device to avoid noise.

    2022-11-29 372
  • AT-200 Electromagnetic Vibration Test Sieve Shaker

    AT-200 electromagnetic vibration test sieve shaker can be used for both dry and wet screening. Frequency 3000 times per min. 1~8 test sieves available.

    2023-04-22 42
  • Tap Sieve Shaker

    We are the manufacturer of tap test sieve shaker from China. This kind of sieve shaker is driven by pulley instead of gear. It can put 75mm, 100mm, 200mm, 300mm, 500mm etc. diameter test sieves.

    2023-04-22 30
  • AT200tap Tap Test Sieve Shaker

    AT200tap tap test sieve shaker is also known as the rotap sieve shaker. It is driven by synchronous belt. And it can be equipped with sound-proof shield according to the requirement.

    2023-04-22 28

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