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600*8000mm Fiber Plate Spring Eccentric Wheel Stainless Steel Vibrating Conveyor for Salt

We are the professional manufacturer of Fiber Plate Spring Eccentric Wheel Stainless Steel Vibrating Conveyor for Salt. This kind of conveyor is a powerful vibrating machine designed for conveying bulk materials over long distances. 

  The vibrating conveyor we make for our customer this time has a trough width of 600mm and 8 meters long. The parts that contact raw material are stainless steel 304, and the remaining non-contact parts are carbon steel, spraying 3 layers of epoxy resin paint. We use fiber plate springs for salt conveying purpose. The motor power is 4KW for special 415V voltage, but in China, 3KW is enough. Food grade vibrating conveyor has a simple structure, easy to maintain, and energy saving.

  According to our client's requirement, we desgin 4-point discharge ports for this vibrating conveyor. And the material discharging of the first three outlets is controlled by the air cylinders. Very convenient.

  In addition to salt, this kind of vibration conveyor is also widely used in conveying of sugar, resin particles, polyethylene particles, activated carbon, chemical fertilizer etc.

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