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1200mm Stainless Steel Low Profile Flow-thru Inline Vibrating Screen for Lithium Battery Material

AAREAL made a 1200mm Stainless Steel Low Profile Flow-thru Inline Vibrating Screen for Lithium Battery Material. We adopts Oli-Wolong MVE 500-15E-40A0 0.35KW vibrating motors for this equipment. Usually, the flow-thru vibrating separator is low profile type, but our customer requires a higher bottom barrel. And in order to observe the material screening inside the screen body, we specially installed a transparent observation hole with a small scraper.

   The inline vibrating sieve is used to check foreign pollutants and large particles and remove it from the product. According to the on -site requirements, the single vibration source and dual vibration source can be designed. 

flow-thru separator.jpg

The single vibration source acts on the material mainly to produce up and down vibration, and does not have the function of automatic discharge. The dual vibration source can generate vortex movements on the sieve surface, with automatic discharge function, free production capacity control, vertical feed and discharge, which can be neatly installed into various powder production lines without affecting the screening ability. Our company can produce various sizes from 400 mm to 2100 mm diameter.

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